We are four people: Felix, Milo, Nicola and Lincoln. Nicola and Lincoln are married, Milo is our firstborn son and Felix the second love child. We recently added a house to our family and are filling it quite well.

One of our favorite stories is how we met online. On germanwives.com. For weeks Lincoln was browsing through the gallery of tall women, looking for someone more on the shorter side so that he could rest his elbow on her head, if ever needed. This is how it could have happened, if we hadn’t met through our mutual friend Tim. Here is how the real story goes:

In 2002 we first meet online. Tim introduced us through AOL Instant Messenger. Look at those skinny youngsters back then:

In 2003 Lincoln was travelled to Germany. After over a year of chatting online we finally met in person and were pretty relieved to find out that we were actually the same person in real life as online.

In 2007 we officially start our battle against the Atlantic Ocean. We visited each other several times and without any doubt decided to spend our lives together. Lincoln proposed at the beach of Rehoboth during our vacation. The whole town was dark due to a power outage and the stars were extra bright that night. So of course Nicola said yes.

On 04/21/2008 – exactly six years after our first encounter, we got married in a small ceremony at the courthouse in Ellicott City.

To the day six years after our first meeting in person, we said yes once again in a spiritual ceremony in June 2009 and had an amazing reception with all of Nicola’s friends in Germany.

And one more – Our third wedding was a ceremony and reception in Columbia in October 2009 with Lincoln’s extended family and our American friends.