I’m Lincoln. Father of two boys, son of two parents, oldest of four children, husband to my wife.

I’m a fairly private person and generally keep to myself. Being an introvert definitely keeps me in that lane and so far life has been good. I just turned 36 and like many, have started to feel the pace of life quicken. I suppose that at this stage in my life, now that I’ve reached some major life milestones such as getting married, having kids, and buying a house, I have earned enough experience points to level up to the point where I’m cracking dad jokes, not keeping up with technology, and just plain old. I might even have some of that so-called wisdom and foresight. I’ve never been much of a blogger, much less, social media spammer but I do want to share my incredibly rich life with everyone so that I don’t isolate myself on this island of introvertism. This is the best medium for me to share my experiences, daily triumphs and struggles, and maybe some learnings along the way. If all goes as planned, and I continue to mature into this ritual of self-reflection and sharing of experiences, maybe I’ll have a nice little autobiography (or something boring like that) for my kids and descendents to read one day.

So I guess the TL;DR version is this: I’m Lincoln. I’m taking a stab at blogging to share & record my life experiences. Stay tuned and ride along with me and maybe we’ll discover how much we have in common!