Kids Chats Spring 2015

by Nicola on May 27, 2015

  So, Felix’s language brain area must have just expanded exponentially, because all of a sudden he is talking in full sentences and is now an official contributor to this popular blog category. Felix sees a QR code and asks: “Is this minecraft?” Felix sees a little duckling: “Aww, so cute!” Then he sees two […]


Milo Chats July 2014

by Nicola on August 13, 2014

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Holy crap, it’s been a while since anyone’s been seen on this lonely old blog. Aside from busy life, I have been trying to be more lazy on my evenings and have taken on reading books again and going to bed early. Not such a bad thing I have to say. But every now and […]


Milo Chats Spring 2014

by Nicola on April 27, 2014

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Hello again. As Milo is approaching the big 4, his language skills and reasoning improves drastically, so these gems are getting rarer and are replaced with amazingly logical and knowledgeable statements. We’ll get to those too. In the mean time, here are some of the recent out takes:   Imagine this with Milo singing in […]


Milo Chats January 2014

by Nicola on February 7, 2014

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Apparently this winter’s theme was getting quantities figured out and little dude is developing some attitude. Enjoy these: Milo: “Mommy, we only have threety-three minutes.” Milo: “Tony stark has a lot of money. But I have a lot of money too. I even have a lotter than him. A million and ten.” Milo: “I have […]


Milo Chats Fall 2013

by Nicola on November 21, 2013

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Most ridiculous statement from the guy who never WANTS to eat: “I never get any food here!”   Linc: “Milo, you are smart.” Milo: “No, I’m not.” Linc: “Yes, you are. I know you’re smart because you are my son.” Milo: “Are you kidding me?”   Nic: “What should Bobo (guy in a book) do […]


Action Shots

by Nicola on July 6, 2013

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Just some latest news from the boys. Felix is now walking and a pretty goofy guy, Milo goes mountain biking with his dad and can write his name. The boys like to have fun together until Felix grabs one of Milo’s toys. So all is good in the hood.   Our fearless biker   and […]


Milo Chats May 2013

by Nicola on May 19, 2013

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(This picture shows the Batman that Milo drew this morning. It was the first time that he intentionally drew something specific and it actually turned out to look very remotely like what he wanted it to be.)   Nic: “Felix is sad.” Milo: “Maybe he needs a friend.” Nic: “Can you be his friend?” Milo: […]