Milo’s reading is getting better by the day, but sometimes it is still hard for him to grasp the meaning of what he reads while he is focusing so hard on pronouncing letters. Even after he has “read” a sentence, he sometimes asks for me to read it again so that he can understand the thing as a whole. Well, the other day he definitely got the meaning of what he read when this happened:

Milo reads about sharks. The book says: “About ten people get killed by sharks every year. But every year people kill thousands of sharks.” Milo immediately breaks down sobbing all over the book and crying hysterically about the poor sharks.


After kids going “mom”, “mom”, “mom” every two minutes for hours on end, I ask  of them: “Guys, can you just for 5 minutes find something to do by yourself and don’t constantly say mommy mommy mommy.

Milo: “Okay, Nicola.”


Milo and me having a discussion about a dinosaur movie:

Milo: “Mom, there are no real dinosaurs, right?”

Nic: “There used to be real dinosaurs, but not anymore.”

Milo: “But the dinosaurs in the movie are not real dinosaurs, right?”

Nic: “There were real dinosaurs a long time ago, but the ones in the movie are not really real.”

Milo: “I know that, the real ones are just featured in the movie. Wait, how do I know what featured means?”


Felix hears the echo of his yelling: “Did you hear that guys? My mouth is somewhere else.”