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October 20, 2010

Ahh, motherhood!

When I was pregnant I took that matter very seriously. I studied every book, webpage and information available, knew exactly what would happen next and when the baby in the womb would finally be the size of a water melon. During the entire 9 months it was all about being healthy, feeling great, and getting a lot of attention from everyone, but I never gave much thought to the fact that this whole project will actually result in having a baby. A live and fully functional baby. Then one day, all of a sudden (well, over 30 hours) a baby popped out. Completely unprepared and surprised I soon found out that having a baby and being a mother comes with many many aspects that I had never though or heard of before. These are in order of appearance: (more…)
July 16, 2010

Hello World!

What you’re seeing is a map of all of the visitors the site has gotten from around the world. It’s cool that so many people from around the world visit the site. Hello world! Thanks for coming by! Hope you like the posts and the photos. Feel free to talk to us in the comments section. We love hearing comments and hope you’ll stay in touch! Ciao!