The Reason Why

by Nicola on September 23, 2013

I have been absent for over two months – just the usual craziness. Plus some extra on top. You know, working a full time job (I might not have updated my job status in a while, but at the beginning of this year I became responsible for building up a whole new business line for […]


For here or to go

by Nicola on June 24, 2011

Just downloaded the wordpress app for my iPhone so that blogging can happen anywhere and anytime. Not that this will make any more time to do so available, but it’s one less excuse to not post a few quick photos here and there. Let’s see if this works …


Young House Love

by Nicola on June 16, 2011

Honestly, I never really understood all the rage about blogging. Yes, I can write down whatever I want, and almost nobody will ever read it. That’s great. So what’s the big freaking deal? Why is blogging so 2.0, and what does that even mean? (Check Wikipedia if you are looking for a serious answer (there […]


Nothing is something too

by Nicola on June 11, 2011

Post image for Nothing is something too

So, there has obviously been a lack of blogging here lately. Time is not an issue, we have always had too little time and still have. Or as Lincoln likes to put it: You can never have too much thyme. The reason for the absolute newslessness is simple and ridiculous at the same time. After […]