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September 23, 2013

The Reason Why

I have been absent for over two months – just the usual craziness. Plus some extra on top. You know, working a full time job (I might not have updated my job status in a while, but at the beginning of this year I became responsible for building up a whole new business line for greeNEWit, which means tons of work to be completed only on my own and not being able to take much of a break), and being a full time mom with mostly sick kids. Seriously, every two weeks another type of sickness strikes. On top of working over time in two jobs, I also had to prepare for our trip to Germany, plan a bachelorette weekend and some wedding surprises for my friend Johanna. And then in August, greeNEWit suddenly had to move out of our old home office and find a new office space. Well, guess who gladly volunteered to take full charge of all interior design related tasks for the new office space and couldn’t bear to deliver a nothing but perfect space, therefore adding about another 20 hours per week to my work load for the past 5 weeks? Yep, that’s me.


But now, we are in vacation mode. As much vacation as is possible with two little kids, one of them called Felix the Destructor. But there are some additional helping hands here, more sleep, and almost no work to do. So, I’m gonna try to catch up on all blogging now. Now or never. Up first, the office space reveal – my biggest pride.

June 24, 2011

For here or to go

Just downloaded the wordpress app for my iPhone so that blogging can happen anywhere and anytime. Not that this will make any more time to do so available, but it’s one less excuse to not post a few quick photos here and there. Let’s see if this works …


June 16, 2011

Young House Love

Honestly, I never really understood all the rage about blogging. Yes, I can write down whatever I want, and almost nobody will ever read it. That’s great. So what’s the big freaking deal? Why is blogging so 2.0, and what does that even mean?

(Check Wikipedia if you are looking for a serious answer (there you go Brad coworker, I learned my English punctuation lesson today. No comma before the if. Just let it flow.)) Anyway, without getting into more technicalities – I found this blog, and I love it: I can keep reading and reading, and commenting, and getting inspired by it all day long. It’s my new favorite thing. Especially now that I have a little casita on my own and can finally come out of my renter’s closet and make a real home! The blog is about a young couple – now turned family – who bought their first house and started blogging about their kitchen renovation. (All those parallels. Read about our kitchen renovation in the next post). Then they kept renovating and reporting and painting and taking photos and documenting it all for the world to see. Their decorating style is THE bomb, their writing skills genius, and on top of that they seem like really cool people. Now they make their living by doing exactly that. Isn’t that just too cool?

Check out their projects, their house, and their stories. Reading this blog is pretty addicting right now for me. There are so many great ideas about how to home-ify your house that I am willing to go full force forward and sacrificing all my rare free evenings to keep going with my own young house love.

Now don’t get any ideas. I am not becoming a full time blogger any time soon or even later. But I definitely found great inspiration to post more frequently, because there might always be someone out there who is just remotely interested in what I have to share. Or maybe there are even a few people who can find themselves in what my life is about: love, family, house, nature, interculturality, the world, and other stories.

So, there has obviously been a lack of blogging here lately. Time is not an issue, we have always had too little time and still have. Or as Lincoln likes to put it: You can never have too much thyme. The reason for the absolute newslessness is simple and ridiculous at the same time. After all the extremely busy and eventful craziness in the past three years, the past four months just seemed too boring to report about. We have basically just been living, getting settled, working, keeping a big household, being a family, and waiting for summer. Sounds like a lot and still is something, right? But after migrating, getting married multiple times, moving a few times, having our first baby, and so on, I feel like I need to have news like we are expecting triplets or win the lottery in order to top that.

Anyway, I think I have to readjust my vision to see the smaller things as something big enough to write about again. Really, there is only nothing to write about, if you sleep all day and night with no vivid dreams and ear plugs in. Therefore I set this new year’s resolution now and today: I will try to blog once a week. From this day forward. Through better or worse. ‘Til me forgetting my wordpress password do us part. Even if it’s just a photo or video upload.

Cheers and happy new summer!