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Since I consider myself a tech nerd and appreciate photography and videography, I thought I’d try my hand at shooting and editing video all in anticipation of the birth of my first born son. I can produce some decent photos using my camera and a little photoshop touch up, but when it comes to video, I’ve never really had the gear to produce anything worth watching. Turns out, with a little music and time warping, I can turn a mundane household chore into a little less mundane household chore. Ok I’m not claiming any Oscars, but this is my first video. I can only imagine that they’ll get more interesting once the boy is here and hopefully by then I’ll have learned a bit more about video editing.

My First Video

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My camera only allows me to film 10 minutes and sped up the 10 minute cleanup down to about 2 minutes, added a song to the background, and titles and credits with a bit of transitioning. Pretty straight forward stuff. In the process I learned that its pretty important to pay attention to what resolution the source video is versus the output resolution. I still need to figure out what settings on my camera need which settings in adobe premiere. And the quality of the title screen is a bit fuzzy…

Overall, its a good start and I’m looking forward to filming my vacations and family! :)