Milo’s room is done! At least for now. Somehow one small detail always remains unfinished in my projects. Like that line of silicone that is still missing to seal the gap between kitchen countertops and back splash. I admit, I have a problem starting new projects before the prior one is completed. I think it’s a way for me to always keep a back-up project on hand in the fear of running out of stuff to do. But I always have a good excuse.

For example this one: The light switch in Milo’s is hooked up to the electrical outlet right behind his crib. Very conveniently located for the kiddo to pull the plug out and stick his finger into the outlet. The plan was to move the wire to the ceiling and install a proper ceiling light. Now that would require Lincoln to go up in the attic to install the ceiling receptical. Let’s see, 100 degrees outside, 70% humidity, take that times 5 for the climate in the attic = not gonna happen until it significantly cools down. In the meantime some tape over the plug has to do it.

Anyway, I declare this project completed. For now at least. Sweet dreams and play time, my son!

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What do you think? What would you do for a little toddler’s room?