From Spring to Summer to Fall – and I don´t wanna think about the cold season that comes after that. For now, I am excited that my second favourite season is starting. The sun stays still warm, the air gets refreshing. Monotonous green turns into warmer shades of yellow and red and brighten up lazy grey days.

This year more than ever before I can feel the seasonal changes in my body, in every pore. I mean, literally: All of a sudden my skin is breaking out again and my nose is running marathons. It´s amazing to see how much humidity the body is draining. I didn´t even feel it having been soaked up and accumulated during the hot season. Right now would probably be the best time for fasting, but I am too afraid to lose weight, so I will probably stick to other ayurvedic advices for the season to cope with the upcoming cold and dryness: establish a daily routine, go to bed early, eat warm and moist foods, drink ginger tea, keep up the daily walk in sunlight, wear warm colors.

And then cherish the memories of summer and make them warm me until the next hot season arrives. No matter what – summer stays my favourite season and autumn is only acceptable because it is beautiful.