Today Jason and I went for a 2 hour tour across Maryland´s rural countryside. Jason, by the way, is my Vespa´s name. And yes, she is also a she. If I am already standing out everywhere I go, I can just as well be weird, right? Anyway, Jason is being a very reliable companion and showed me the most beautiful spots that are out there west. Just today I realized how much sense it makes for me to born in October, since I have always been so attracted by beauty. I love colors! And did I mention that I think October is the most beautiful month?

It is getting pretty cold now though. Today was actually my test ride for winter, since I´ve been bragging about riding my Vespa all through the season unless it snows. I might revise that decision. But maybe not. I am just gonna put on three more layers, wear boots, and a face mask. And luckily my work place isn´t 2 hours away from home. On the way we stopped at a pumpkin patch and I bought Jason a little mini pumpkin, which she is now carrying proudly. I gotta go cover her up now. Tonight might be the first frosty night of the year.