In July this year we said goodbye to our first house. The first home we bought and had made our own, where all our memories as a family were made to that point. While some of us were excited for the next adventure, we all were sad to leave this beautiful place behind. Some serious tears were shed. 

There is just something about all the memories in the home, about all the work that was put into making it perfect for our family, that made it very hard to part. Not a single surface, fixture, or piece of equipment in this house was left untouched after we were done with all renovations. It took us seven years to optimize this place to its fullest potential and going back to the very beginning in a new house was pretty rough for me. It took me about four months before I had left the old house behind enough that I could start liking the new house and write this post.

Now I’m finally in a good place with the new house, excited to develop its full potential and glad that we moved to this great neighborhood. So, here’s to a happy look back at the place that we’ll forever remember as the beginnings of our family life.

See the full video tour here or the before / after photos below.

Living room:


Dining room:



Guest room:


Master bedroom:

Master bathroom:

Master closet:

Milo’s room:

Felix’s room:

Kids bathroom: