Four months later, and we’re all settled in. Surprisingly, our townhome had just the right amount of furniture and stuff to fill our new single-family home. Moving our stuff in and decorating made it immediately so much more ours. The refinished floors also helped. Here is how the house has changed so far just by us moving in. There is also a video tour at the bottom of this post to see how everything connects.



Front Room:

Dining Room:


Living Room:

Powder Room:

Laundry Room:

Guest Room:

Kids Bath:

Felix’s Room:

Milo’s Room:

Master Bedroom:

Master Sitting Room (we did not paint, it’s just a difference in lighting):

Master Bath:

We’re still gonna hang a few more picture in the master bedroom area, but otherwise this pretty much feels like home already. It’ll be fun to look back here in a few years to see how things change.