My friend Magdalena regularly sends me a good magazine from Germany. It is called Neon and reports about topics that are of interest for people between 20 and 30. While there is one shallower section about fashion and lifestyle, it is more geared toward the educated crowd with a university degree and has sections on society, world, practical tips for every day life, love, work, friends, culture, etc. – overall a nice mix of interesting topics and I always enjoy reading it.

In the last issue there was an article about “Do you have the right job?”. It asked whether you are satisfied with what you are doing, if you should change your employer, and which are the factors that determine happiness with a job. Reading it was like an aha moment for me, since recently I’ve been feeling extremely happy with my job but could not quite put a finger on why that is. Ever since I started working full time with a regular pay, I feel very balanced and happy. Following are the questions they asked to determine whether you are working for the right company:

1. How much freedom do you have at your job?

2. Am I doing what I’m good at?

3. Am I paid adequately?

4. With how many of my colleagues would I go have a beer?

5. Do I advance?

6. Does my job serve a greater purpose?

7. How good is my work-life balance?

I gotta say, looking at all these criteria I have the perfect job. My work is extremely free – whenever, wherever, and however I get my work done doesn’t matter and most of the time I determine myself what needs to be done. Doing what I’m good at – that is organizing, structuring, reading people and customize services to their needs. I get paid enough for now and as much as is in the company’s possibility . I would and have had a beer with all of my colleagues. In the last 16 months I advanced from a newbie to the American housing, to an respected Energy Auditor, to a Director of my own division. My job helps conserve energy and therefore serves the planet, our future, and makes individuals happy. After I’m done with work, I’m done and enjoy free evenings and weekends with my wonderful husband and friends.

What more can you ask for?