Creepy spookiness has been a thing for me ever since a sleepover when I was 15 years old and a group of friends and me watched three zombie movies in a row. I can’t really say what the fascination is about, but I’ve always enjoyed a good scary movie since then. So just imagine my giddiness when I moved to the original land of the creepy tradition of Halloween and October rolled around for the first time. Who can deny that this holiday is obviously a very close second to Christmas.

However, it took having kids and owning my own place to really fully experience the spirit of Halloween. My collection of creepy critters has been growing a little every October and finally culminated in a spooktacular Halloween party this year. Over the past ten years this event has been building up in my brain and the excitement has been growing proportionally with my Halloween Pinterest board. This new traditional house of ours was the perfect backdrop and a housewarming party was the perfect excuse to finally get some spook on.

Dressing up is not usually my thing, I rather get creeped out by others and go all out on decorations, but then I couldn’t really host a Halloween party without being halloweenish myself. Inspired by the show I’m currently binging on Netflix (The Haunting of Hill House – highly recommend it), I became a ghost for one night and loved it! It was so fun getting in character.

The theme of the party was Haunted House(warming), so I loaded up on spiderwebs, critters, and fake blood and decked out the whole house.

Some of the food turned out a little too creepy for the kids, but that’s not my problem that they don’t like zombie brains.

We had about 50-60 people over including old friends, new friends, old neighbors, new neighbors, old coworkers and new coworkers – everybody from babies to retirees had a blast, mixed and mingled and talked by the fire pit until it got dark and cold.

This was easily one of my favorite nights ever! We’re so happy to have good friends surrounding us and coming out to have a great time.