Thats right, two weeks from today I will be 4000 miles away from my office. I’ll be leaving at the 30th of May and will be gone for two weeks. Needless to say I am totally excited. Basically, we’ll arrive the 31st and our upcoming german wedding ceremony will be on June 6th. That will give Nicola 5 days to finalize all the preparations and give me, the super lucky husband (love you babe!) a few days to celebrate in Amsterdam. My immediate family will also travel to Germany for the wedding and I am super excited that they will come and see Schweinfurt, the Bieringers, and for the first time the Dreschers. Its going to be a really nice time. After the wedding, Nicola and I will skirt off to spend 5 days in Crete for our honeymoon. We’re thinking of a 4-star, all-inclusive hotel on the water so that it will give us all the comfort and amenities, while giving us the freedom to roam the island without worrying about finding a meal when we return to the hotel. Overall, the price isn’t all that bad either… including the airfare, it rounds out to about $800 dollars a person. Not too bad.

I just ordered a Lumix LX3 camera that I will be using for the trip and will surely post many pictures of the Amsterdam trip, the wedding, and the honeymoon on the site, not to mention the countless other pictures (and video) that I will be posting to justify the cost of the camera. (The last camera I bought was in college and since I lost it in Vietnam in 2004, I basically stopped taking photos since.) I really regret not photographing the last few years myself because I always found comfort in looking back at all the good times I’d documented. Well all that will change hopefully by next week.