A short update… so I’ve survived the Bachelor party, Wedding ceremony, reception and semi-honeymoon. Everything went very smoothly with the exception of the weather as we had to make a few compromises due to cold and rain. Even though the weather wasn’t cooperative we managed to enjoy ourselves, the wedding ceremony was moved inside and our honeymoon was postponed until summer fully arrives, and we’ll probably just take off for a week and go to some beach somewhere in the US. Unfortunately the weather here in Germany/Europe really decided to be shitty just for the 2 weeks that we are here, because on the day we leave it will be 30C which is upper 80s.

Anyway, I’ve posted photos from the trip so far, all of which was taken with my new camera (Panasonic Lumix LX-3). It proved to be an excellent camera and well worth the price. In the coming days as I receive more and more photos from our photographer and guests, I’ll put up a separate album for each photographer to show their work. Tomorrow will be our last day and we will celebrate it with a nice dinner by the Dreschers and I’m looking forward to the summer feeling as it will be sunny and warm. Then on Sunday we’ll be back in the US and will return to normal life in the USA. It’s strange to admit it but I am ready to be productive again… and back to my own pillow.

Check out some pics from Amsterdam below. View the full gallery in Photos section:

Amsterdam 2009 - 145.jpgAmsterdam 2009 - 016.jpgAmsterdam 2009 - 066.jpg