4th of July Fireworks - 13.jpg

Happy 4th of July everyone. This day is celebrated best by waking up late, grilling delicious food under the sun, being with loved ones, and watching a magnificent fireworks show. Today was a perfect day. Aside from having to wake up a bit early to prepare food for our lunchtime cookout, it turned out to be more than I could ask for. I invited my mom and sister over for lunch and we had homemade baked potato soup, grilled corn on the cob, and my specialty cheeseburgers. There’s nothing that can finish up such a fine summertime meal better than taking an extended nap afterward, which I had the luxury of doing. For dinner, Nicola and I enjoyed some sushi at a local restaurant and we capped that meal with a nice milkshake and an espresso (for me only).

Our home is within walking distance to the Columbia Lakefront where the annual fireworks show takes place. This turns out to be a great blessing because we can now avoid the immense traffic and walk or ride the bike. So we took a nice bike ride down to the lake where it was packed full to the point where we had to sit in the parking lot. Yes… not so comfortable but it was a very nice view of the fireworks show that ensued. Now, we’re back from the show and have no choice but to cut up some strawberries and eat them with whipped cream. Life is good.

Please enjoy the photos I took of the firework. :)