Hi everyone,

So I got a new toy this week and I’ve been playing with it. Its a new DSLR camera (Canon T2i) that has really nice low-light performance and really nice video quality. As you might tell from my last time-lapse video, I’ve been getting into the video editing scene. It’s been an area of digital art that I have never really played with because I never had the gear. My point and shoot camera shoots videos but the footage always comes out flat and the colors are not very faithful. Also there’s not a great zoom lens on that camera so after months of research and saving, I finally went out and picked up my very first DSLR. Don’t get me wrong, my Point and shoot will still stay within reach because of it’s portability and stellar still shots, but for video and zoom scenarios, thats where this new camera will shine.

So as a nice followup to Nici’s post last week, I made a nice little video of her enjoying her job… from home. It was a good opportunity to test out the quality of the video and again try my hand at video editing. There were a couple bumps along the road, mainly upon exporting the footage to the web while keeping the file size low and keeping the aspect ratio the same. All bumps were overcome and I learned what settings needed to be tweaked for the right result. Check out the video below, it’s a high quality video so be patient while it loads. I’m also hosting my videos on Vimeo now because it has a nice interface and is also compatible with the iPhone. Enjoy!