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March 23, 2011

Double Milo

November 26, 2010

Practice Eating

Here’s another video I made as practice for filming and editing. Again, basic footage and editing using Premiere and After Effects. Shot on our deck on a nice hot saturday afternoon. Its amazing to see such simple things delight a small child. We should all be thankful for all children and how their delight can remind us of the joy that is always within us. Special thanks for the Fadgens for such a good actor :) (more…)

We recently bought a sun shelter for our upcoming beach vacation (and for any other outdoor activity that requires shade). Here is a video of us assembling and disassembling the shelter. (more…)

We spent the good part of the day today at the National Arboretum in DC . About a 40 minute drive from home, the Arboretum is an outdoor living museum of of flowers, trees, shrubs…a botanical museum. Right outside the city center, it is a very peaceful oasis that surrounds you with nature and wildlife. You can walk for hours and see a million different things.

It was our first time visiting the park and we took full advantage of the nice weather by bringing our bicycles which made seeing the huge arboretum grounds much more pleasant. There are 9 miles of trails and garden walks that surround you in vibrant flora, sweet fragrances, and the song of birds in the air. It’s not surprising that today won’t be our last time visiting and we just can’t wait to share this nice piece of nature with all of our friends and visitors.

To learn more about the arboretum and to see other pictures and the map of the place, check out its website:

Special thanks to Nicola for putting the video together :)