So acupuncturists, please help me out: Is this the damp season or what? From my non-tai-perspective it definitely looks like it. Or why does all that water enter our room right now? Okay, the complete story from the beginning:

Last week, Thursday morning I discovered a wet spot on the carpet between the bed and the dresser. Not an animal´s trace, not condensation from the ceiling – the water came from underneath the carpet. The airconditioning machine next to our room was dripping, so we put a cup underneath. The next day, even more water. That was when we found out that the water heater was broken and leaking into our room. So, instead of going to see Sarah´s waterballet show in Baltimore, Lincoln became a plumber and I danced around the pool in our bedroom, while trying to suck the water up with that extra loud machine.

Today, Monday, we got the absurd impression that there was even more water than before despite sucking up about 1 Gallon every 3 hours (and a good part of the new wall to wall carpet). That was when we found out that another water pipe in our wall was dripping. My plumberman got super-pissed, fixed the thing and now we are waiting anxiously for the next water suprise.

My diagnosis is: this house has expired. It is completely breaking. Time to move out.

On the bright side: We have super clean feet now because of walking through all the water day and night.