Today began with a three dollar breakfast buffet that included all kinds of good foods like fried egg, various meats, soups, fresh coffee and fresh pressed soy milk. All for three bucks! I really think eating is the best part about this country, although it really requires a leap of faith, so many places to eat are literally holes in the wall with a vinyl sign in the front. And unlike most restaurants in the US that serve a dozen or more entrees, most eat-in places specialize in only 2 or 3 types of food. You pick and choose where you want to eat according to your pallet.

I spent the day touring our factories and meeting our employees at our two factory locations. I got to see the productions side of this business and was really impressed how it all somehow all results in the finished goods. First the pattern is drawn onto a large sheet of paper which is then laid out on layered fabric and cut.

After all the individual pieces are cut out, they are then fed into the assembly line and slowly goes from raw fabric to finished peices.

At the end of the assembly line (the very front) the garment is inspected for loose threads and any defects, they are sorted out and then ironed and finished.

That was pretty much it. Toured the facilities and ate dinner and crashed out early. I think tomorrow is going to be pretty much the same. We’ll see.