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October 24, 2008

Days 6-9: Work Exhaustion

Its been awhile since I last posted a blog, thats because I’ve been super super busy in the last 4 days. As of my last blog post, I’ve worked overtime just about everyday from 8am till about 8pm. Nothing much to report work-wise except that I’m ready to go HOME! (more…)

Finally, its Sunday and I finally get a day off. What better to do on a day off then to go drink coffee at a outdoor coffee bar. This place served all kinds of beverages from the famous vietnamese iced coffee to all kinds of smoothies, which I took the liberty of ordering a mango smoothie. (100x better than a Mango Lassi). Following our coffee bar experience, we ate at a restaurant  that fed all six of us for under 40 bucks. Excellent! (more…)

Nothing to report friends. Just two days of work and two nights of sleep. The only thing extra was eating meals. But it was a good chance to reflect on what is cool and what is not about Vietnam. One thing that is definately cool is the over abundance of scooters and vespas. Here, two wheeled vehicles totally overwhelm four wheel vehicles to the point where it sucks to drive. It takes about twice as long to reach closeby destinations here in Vietnam if you travel by car (which we do since we have a driver) and therefore tasks are much more efficient on Vespas. The only catch is that there is no air conditioning on a vespa.

Today began with a three dollar breakfast buffet that included all kinds of good foods like fried egg, various meats, soups, fresh coffee and fresh pressed soy milk. All for three bucks! I really think eating is the best part about this country, although it really requires a leap of faith, so many places to eat are literally holes in the wall with a vinyl sign in the front. (more…)

October 15, 2008

Day 1 – Arrival

After what seemed like an endless airplane trip, I have finally landed in Ho Chi Minh City! The flight began out of Dulles International Airport with a three hour layover at Narita, Japan — overall flight time 20 hours. For the most part the flight was generally what you want out of a flight — uneventful. (more…)