Its been awhile since I last posted a blog, thats because I’ve been super super busy in the last 4 days. As of my last blog post, I’ve worked overtime just about everyday from 8am till about 8pm. Nothing much to report work-wise except that I’m ready to go HOME! I assume that for most people, going to Asia sounds exciting and entails lots of adventure and story telling, but regretfully its a lot of the same from me: work work work. So it is no wonder why I’m am exhausted and ready to go home to my wife and get back to the cozy, slower, and more relaxed and less stressful life style. Its during these days that really make me reflect on the work that I’m doing and the work that I could be doing.

Things in this industry revolve around deadlines and customer satisfaction. Customers generally want things to be done yesterday and a quarter cheaper. Therefore in this global marketplace it is really a challenge to juggle managing the internal affairs of a company of more than 150 people and keeping our customers happy. The stress level is pretty high in this industry but the payoff is big. And it is no wonder that I am feeling quite divided these days about my path. Truthfully, it’s not about money. I’m blessed to say that I’ve lived a pretty padded lifestyle all my life thanks to my hard working parents. And for that reason I feel obligated to carry on my father’s legacy. I have the unique opportunity of designing the way work is to be and I am picking up hints along the way.

I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Once we get our first orders delivered then we’ll have breathing room on the repeat orders. And that is why things are a little crazy right now. I’m happy to say, however, that I am 3 days closer to getting home. That is a definite light at the end of the tunnel.