The Odyssey

by Nicola on October 9, 2011

So, there has been some action going on in our living/dining/foyer area lately. You know, just a few little splashes of paint here and there. What started as a dining room makeover and then turned into a foyer makeover has become a whole first floor minus the kitchen makeover. There are so many things to […]

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Bye bye nursery

by Nicola on July 6, 2011

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According to my husband any news is only official when posted on Facebook. But I will post an exclusive piece of information right here before the Facebook world will know: Milo is taking his first steps!!! As soon as possible I will snap a video and post it here, but currently I still need both […]

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Vintage Summer it is!

by Nicola on June 22, 2011

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Here is the new theme that I have chosen for our website. I called it Vintage Summer. Don’t the colors totally remind you of a slightly aged photo of a summer picnic out in nature by a wheat field? And ta-da – it does have orange in it. We’ll see how it turns out. Still […]

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Ooopsie … [Updated]

by Nicola on June 17, 2011

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Someone just accidentally deleted the title of our website and somebody else will have to fix it when he gets a chance. This html thing is a mystery sometimes. But the orange sidebar just had to go. Orange and me – I don’t think we are ever gonna be friends. I have tried so many […]