According to my husband any news is only official when posted on Facebook. But I will post an exclusive piece of information right here before the Facebook world will know: Milo is taking his first steps!!! As soon as possible I will snap a video and post it here, but currently I still need both hands to catch him when he stumbles towards me. This little boy is almost a wobbly toddler now and is busy putting pieces and bits together every day to figure out the world and become a fully functional human being. First he learned to climb up the steps, now he can get down. First he figured out how to take things apart, now he is starting to put things together.

It’s just one more month until Milo’s first birthday and time for my little boy to get a big boy’s room. Yayyy for another room makeover in this house!! Here is what Milo’s room looked like when he was just a tiny 6 month old baby:

The rocking chair already moved out to make room for toys. Here is the complete breakdown of how to convert this nursery into a soon-to-be-toddler room:

– Remove the shelves from both walls that the previous owner had hung far too high: Done (not without causing some drama in our harmonious house. Read more about the shelf crisis soon.)

– Hang some matching curtains that block out light for naps: Done hanging some mismatched temporary curtains, need to find matching ones. Undecided on which color to go with. Solid color or patterned? What do you think would look good?

– Add some toy storage: Done

– Paint a tree mural on the right wall: Spackled holes in the wall, started drawing the outline.

– Add a shelf for all things that Milo is not supposed to reach, but that Mama actually can reach.

– Install the big leaf from IKEA above the bed:

– Create a soft cuddle corner to hang out under the tree to read books and have quiet time.

I decided to stick with the color pallet of his bedding that I made for him last year, but trying to keep everything else in the room plain enough for some more growing up:

If you have any other ideas or inspiration to share, please just throw it out there in a comment. Will post an update when the tree is done.