Action Shots

by Nicola on July 6, 2013

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Just some latest news from the boys. Felix is now walking and a pretty goofy guy, Milo goes mountain biking with his dad and can write his name. The boys like to have fun together until Felix grabs one of Milo’s toys. So all is good in the hood.   Our fearless biker   and […]


A Day In Our Lives

by Nicola on June 10, 2013

Some days I feel completely overwhelmed by the workload of a full time job, taking care of kids, and running a household. Other days I am full of energy and everything feels like a piece of cake. One day I will look at back at this post and wonder how we managed to make a […]


Money Doesn’t Make Babies

by Nicola on February 7, 2013

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Being a mom in the US and having had to deal with an inferior governmental support system to raise my kids, a current debate in Germany has caught my attention. What can the government do to turn the declining birth rate around that is threatening to lead to a collapse of the social system and […]


A Not So Merry Christmas

by Nicola on January 18, 2013

This year one of my big goals is to start all Christmas preparations way earlier than usual, so that I can finally experience a season of joy and peace rather than chaos and stress. But before that, let’s just wrap up last year real quick, shall we? 2012  was Felix’s first Christmas and Milo’s first […]


Family of Four

by Nicola on December 6, 2012

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You ask – we answer. So, how are we doing as a family of four? Milo is still great with Felix. He sings him songs, makes him smile, and generally just cares for his wellbeing. When we are driving in the car and Felix starts to cry, Milo tells him ” No weinen, Felix. Gleich […]

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Germany and Back

by Nicola on June 3, 2012

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You would figure that by now we are quite the experts in visiting my hometown Schweinfurt in Germany. Considering that I have spent 2/3 of my life there it should be nothing but a home-run for me. Usually we go there almost every year – although with adding more and more paying customers to the […]

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A male baby to be more specific. There you go. So much for my planned big reveal of the new baby’s sex. Sorry for not coming up with a super creative photo post, I already channeled all my energy into finishing the guest room before our first guests will use it this weekend, being sick, […]