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By: Nicola

So, there has obviously been a lack of blogging here lately. Time is not an issue, we have always had too little time and still have. Or as Lincoln likes to put it: You can never have too much thyme. The reason for the absolute newslessness is simple and ridiculous at the same time. After all the extremely busy and eventful craziness in the past three years, the past four months just seemed too boring to report about. We have basically just been living, getting settled, working, keeping a big household, being a family, and waiting for summer. Sounds like a lot and still is something, right? But after migrating, getting married multiple times, moving a few times, having our first baby, and so on, I feel like I need to have news like we are expecting triplets or win the lottery in order to top that.

Anyway, I think I have to readjust my vision to see the smaller things as something big enough to write about again. Really, there is only nothing to write about, if you sleep all day and night with no vivid dreams and ear plugs in. Therefore I set this new year’s resolution now and today: I will try to blog once a week. From this day forward. Through better or worse. ‘Til me forgetting my wordpress password do us part. Even if it’s just a photo or video upload.

Cheers and happy new summer!

It seems like only a few days have passed since Milo was a tiny and helpless baby. Today in this new year he is such a grown infant who is taking anything but baby steps towards becoming an active participant in this world.

Just three weeks ago he lost most of his baby hair and now his brand new thicker hair is already a quarter inch long. His deadly grip has gotten even stronger and whenever he gets hold of two adult fingers, he pulls himself up to a sitting or standing position. We used to be able to just lean him against the back of the sofa to mind our business for a few minutes, but now that he discovered his abs, he comes to a sitting position within a minute, eventually kisses his feet, and rolls to the side. Now Milo plays contently with all his toys for hours. He paralyzes the toy with his eyes, then quickly grabs it with both hands, and shoves it in his mouth, looks at it once more, and shoves it back into the mouth.

Since Milo can sit in his high chair now and used to get really jealous about us eating dinner, we started giving him some oatmeal. Most of it – if not all – still ends up on his bib, but he is having a blast with the mess.

This year is going to be a big one for Milo. Not much longer and he will be unstoppable exploring the world. He will move into his own room and be our little big boy. So many people say that they miss their tiny newborn baby and are sad seeing the kids grow up so fast. But honestly, as cute as he was as a newborn, I love seeing him grow up. I’m honored to be there with him in every new thing he learns. Seeing him grow up and learn so fast makes me nothing but proud.

October 20, 2010

Ahh, motherhood!

When I was pregnant I took that matter very seriously. I studied every book, webpage and information available, knew exactly what would happen next and when the baby in the womb would finally be the size of a water melon. During the entire 9 months it was all about being healthy, feeling great, and getting a lot of attention from everyone, but I never gave much thought to the fact that this whole project will actually result in having a baby. A live and fully functional baby. Then one day, all of a sudden (well, over 30 hours) a baby popped out. Completely unprepared and surprised I soon found out that having a baby and being a mother comes with many many aspects that I had never though or heard of before. These are in order of appearance: (more…)
August 24, 2010

Milo’s first week

Dear friends and family,

Thank you all so much for the wishes and congratulations to Milo‘s birth. It is so nice to se how many hearts he is touching and how much you all care about us. We would love to thank each of you individually and I am sure, eventually we will. But right now there is sooo little time and so much baby in our life that everything else is on hold.

It’s been a week and three days since little Milo was born and life hasn’t stood still for a second. Or at least not that we know of. Time and space have become some distant concepts that no longer mean anything to us. What time or day it is does not matter any more. Life is completely in the moment and determined only by what baby needs. Our brains are completely outsourced to very useful iPhone apps that keep track of Milo’s feedings, diaper changes, and bath times.

As far as that record shows, we are currently living a busy 2 hour rhythm. Every two hours the little guy is getting hungry and longing for boobie. There he stays for about 15-30 minutes, gets a diaper change and then decides whether he wants to be awake or asleep for the following 1.5 hours. That is when our timer starts to get as much done as possible before the next feeding. It’s like a kitchen timer ticking away and the end of the free time is very definite. Most of those breaks are currently being used to take care of baby stuff: Express breast milk, clean his supplies, do laundry, stock up on diapers, etc.

Then we have about half an hour left to do anything else: take a shower, take a nap, eat, maybe clean the house a little bit – very basic things to keep our own sanity and level of hygiene to a minimum standard. Me, usually a pretty productive overachiever, I had to learn to limit my daily goals to two small items: Maybe a trip to the store and cutting my nails. That’s it for the day on top of the regular routine.

Although parenthood and caring for a newborn is as demanding as we expected it to be, Milo is making it very easy for us. He is the most chill baby and rarely ever cries. At least not without a good reason and only after we missed his cues. Usually he is very good in showing us whether he needs food, a diaper change, or to be burped without crying. Everything else comes naturally. He sleeps without fussing when he’s sleepy. He looks around with big eyes when he is awake and is perfectly content. He makes the funniest faces in between sleep and awake periods. And he is just the cutest guy on earth. Sometimes he smiles unintentionally, which is so heart warming, encouraging, and makes us look forward to all days to come.

If you would like to visit little Milo, feel free to give us a call and we can arrange a meet and greet with him. If we don’t answer the phone, one of the many reasons above apply, but we will get back to you as soon as our beloved son allows.

July 23, 2010

Ready, set, go!

More or less 3 weeks. That’s all that’s left of this amazing experience called pregnancy. A part of me is looking forward to the end. Birth is gonna be exciting, I will finally get to meet this little boy, and will have a little bit more freedom to do with my body what I want to do: Sleeping on the belly, eat junk food, run and sweat, … not to mention having fewer bathroom breaks. (more…)

June 15, 2010

Baby party

Dear friends, thank you all for coming to Baby Tran’s first party. He had a great time inside Nicola’s belly and enjoyed all your wishes, love, and hugs. Everything is super prepared for him now and he might turn out a gear head like his dad.

The food and entertainment provided by the three aunties was especially enjoyed by the little guy. Thanks so much for organizing all of this, Fati, Emily, and Debbie!

May 28, 2010

Oh du dicke Freude!

Auch das zweite Trimester der Schwangerschaft ist nun erfolgreich überstanden. Langsam werde ich echt gut darin, schwanger zu sein. Das fleissige Studieren zahlt sich aus. All die Veränderungen im Körper und in der Babyentwicklung sind so spannend, dass ich kaum aufhören kann darüber zu lesen. Ich will immer ganz genau wissen, was gerade da drinnen abgeht und hab sogar eine Application auf meinem Iphone dafür. Die vergleicht die aktuelle Größe meines Babies jede Woche mit einem Gemüse und erzählt mir davon, wie er mich jetzt hören kann, immer neue Gehirnwindungen formt und warum ich trotz Noch-Minibaby 10 Kilo zugenommen habe. (more…)