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By: Nicola

July 15, 2011

The tree is up

Here is an update on the tree that I painted on Milo’s wall. It all didn’t quite go as planned, but I kind of like the result. My very first idea was to buy a tree wall decal and save all the work of painting. Then I decided against spending money and for painting. But, I didn’t want to risk to free-style it, so I went to look for inspiration on Pinterest and Dr. Google. This is what I was intending to replicate, minus the owl:

When I started drawing the outline on the wall with a pencil (chalk would have been better, but didn’t have any on hand), I realized that I didn’t really care for the curvy branches and wanted to keep the tree more straight and edgy. In the course of changing the direction of this tree an entire eraser lost its life and I did end up free-styling the thing. (more…)

July 15, 2011

The shelf drama

Before we get into the part of this post where all the action happens, let me just start off by telling you a little bit about arguments in our house. Or the lack thereof. As you all know, Lincoln and I are pretty peaceful and quiet people. We are probably a little addicted to harmony and some might say to an extend that is not normal. But it works for us. When there is something that we disagree on, we usually just

1. voice our opposite opinions

2. go to separate parts of the house still grumbling over the fact that the other one doesn’t agree

3. tend separately to whatever makes each of us feel better while still thinking about what the other one said and starting to see the other side of the coin. Then about half an hour later:

4. come back together silently admitting that we understand the other position and find a compromise for this particular problem.

And there you go – crisis averted. Considering that this strategy has worked for some pretty big topics in the past (getting married, where to live, when to have kids), it was quite surprising that we clashed over something as small as a shelf in Milo’s room last week. (more…)

July 12, 2011

Time to bang it out

There are certain things that can only be done when Milo is not asleep, but stays out of the way. Like vacuuming, drilling holes, or banging nails into the wall. Such moments are rare and therefore that kind of stuff usually takes forever to get done.
Today when I got home from work the guys were out shopping and I seized the moment: ran to the living room, fished for the picture that had been hiding behind the sofa forever, banged a nail into the wall, and hung it up like no tomorrow. Just in time before Milo came back home and could push his toys back into the picture.
Here is a photo of the current living corner:


The sofa is from Macy’s and the only thing we really splurged on so far. With the pillows in different shades of green and blue I was trying to set the color scheme for the room and then realized that some more warmth is needed. So instead of going for some neutral curtains, I got this cozy honey colored fabric and sewed up three panels. We really only need them for a little privacy, not to block the sun out. At some we just have to fix the curtain rods that the previous owners hung so narrow that it is impossible to fully spread out the curtains and cover the windows.
And now the picture that I got for $7 at Hobby Lobby really ties it all together.
The next task is to find some sort of coffee table that is stylish and kids friendly. Probably something more in the ottoman direction. Will keep you posted.

July 6, 2011

Bye bye nursery

According to my husband any news is only official when posted on Facebook. But I will post an exclusive piece of information right here before the Facebook world will know: Milo is taking his first steps!!! As soon as possible I will snap a video and post it here, but currently I still need both hands to catch him when he stumbles towards me. This little boy is almost a wobbly toddler now and is busy putting pieces and bits together every day to figure out the world and become a fully functional human being. First he learned to climb up the steps, now he can get down. First he figured out how to take things apart, now he is starting to put things together.

It’s just one more month until Milo’s first birthday and time for my little boy to get a big boy’s room. Yayyy for another room makeover in this house!! Here is what Milo’s room looked like when he was just a tiny 6 month old baby: (more…)

July 3, 2011

How to get it done

Have you ever wished that a day had more than 24 hours? Or that your house would magically clean itself? Yes? ┬áThen congratulations, you are perfectly human! Lucky you, cause if you were superhuman I would be seriously jealous right now. I think I would most definitely pass on other superpowers like flying, extra strength, or being unbreakable, if I could only get more stuff done in less time. Either way, what I’m trying to say is that getting life done requires some serious strategy and tricks up your rolled-up sleeves. Here is a collection of some easy strategies that I have developed over the past years that help me juggle life as a full-time working, part-time creative, neat-freakish, active person, and loving mother. (more…)

Sometimes, when my brain runs extra rounds and all those plans and what-I-could-do’s overflow my skull, I know exactly what I want to do, but have no idea how exactly I’m gonna do it. It’s a little bit like the theme of Milo’s pre-toddlerhood: I really want to get that iPhone that’s up there on the table, but I just don’t know how to get up there.┬áSo, For example I know that there needs to be some more comfy warmth in the somewhat sleek and cool kitchen (warmth – the feeling, not the temperature), but I am not sure if some pillows will do the trick, if we should put up some nice shades, or if I should dare to try the impossible and convince my husband that we absolutely need curtains.

So, what are our options? Back in the days of limited online access my mom’s living and style magazines were a good source of inspiration. But who wants to limit their inspirations to 100 pages for $4 anymore, when the web has millions of pages for free. (more…)

Finally, our kitchen renovation is done. But let’s start from the beginning. Here is what our kitchen looked like when we first met it:


Absolutely hideous, right? In retrospect I can’t believe we even bought the house. This awful combination of early nineties wallpaper with all white cabinets, counters, and wooden country touch to it would surely kill any appetite if I had to live in it. (more…)