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April 28, 2010

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I’ve added a new feature in the blog that will allow commenters to receive an email if someone else comments on the same post. All you have to do is check that little box below where you normally type a comment and boom, you’ll be subscribed!


Since I consider myself a tech nerd and appreciate photography and videography, I thought I’d try my hand at shooting and editing video all in anticipation of the birth of my first born son. I can produce some decent photos using my camera and a little photoshop touch up, but when it comes to video, I’ve never really had the gear to produce anything worth watching. Turns out, with a little music and time warping, I can turn a mundane household chore into a little less mundane household chore. Ok I’m not claiming any Oscars, but this is my first video. I can only imagine that they’ll get more interesting once the boy is here and hopefully by then I’ll have learned a bit more about video editing.

My First Video

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My camera only allows me to film 10 minutes and sped up the 10 minute cleanup down to about 2 minutes, added a song to the background, and titles and credits with a bit of transitioning. Pretty straight forward stuff. In the process I learned that its pretty important to pay attention to what resolution the source video is versus the output resolution. I still need to figure out what settings on my camera need which settings in adobe premiere. And the quality of the title screen is a bit fuzzy…

Overall, its a good start and I’m looking forward to filming my vacations and family! :)

4th of July Fireworks - 13.jpg

Happy 4th of July everyone. This day is celebrated best by waking up late, grilling delicious food under the sun, being with loved ones, and watching a magnificent fireworks show. Today was a perfect day. Aside from having to wake up a bit early to prepare food for our lunchtime cookout, it turned out to be more than I could ask for. I invited my mom and sister over for lunch and we had homemade baked potato soup, grilled corn on the cob, and my specialty cheeseburgers. (more…)

It’s finally beginning to feel like summer. After what felt like endless cold weather over the last few months, I had really gotten to a breaking point. I just felt cold to the bone. We moved into our house that we are renting in the middle of December only to find out that the building envelope of the house was so leaky that it was so difficult to keep the house at a steady, warm temperature. I literally had to carry a space heater with me all winter. And when spring came around, I rejoiced at the prospect that finally I could shed my layers and feel comfortable again. (more…)

So yesterday was the first day of spring and I simply cannot wait for it to get warmer. Since we’ve moved into this big house in the middle of winter, we have not had the opportunity to take advantage of our nice deck and patio. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to eat a few meals outside.

In other news, with the spring time comes a lot of planning and opportunities for creative outlet. I just picked up a midi controller and got my hands on a copy of Logic Studio and am trying my hand at producing some sounds. That’s something I’ve been interested in but never got a chance to delve deep enough into. The learning curve is steep but the results sound pretty good. Too bad though because I need another few hundred bucks worth of equipment like some studio monitors and a firewire interface to input microphones and guitars and other stuff. I’m not going to be moby jus quite yet but I’ll be sure to crank out a few covers or remixes soon.

Well that’s the quick update for now. I’m going to try to be more active on this blog and update it more often. Here’s a picture I took at the Korean store that I think you’ll get a kick out of.

December 17, 2008

5 Element Music Video

Hey everyone, I’ve dug up some old stuff while I was cleaning out my computer. I found a “music video” I made about a year and a half ago. It was a project while I was going to acupuncture school. The video shows images and music that express the energy of the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, metal.

See the video after the jump.


This morning, I escaped a huge storm that hit South Vietnam and fled to the north to Hangzhou, China where I will be staying two nights to attend the Keqiao International Textile Expo. The flight took off at about 8am this morning under some heavy rainfall. There was one 3 layover in Guangzhou where I got a chance to stretch my legs. (more…)